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Do I Need a Root Canal?

What your dentists in Wheaton want you to knowroot canal

Tooth pain can be tricky. It can come and go. Sometimes it might not feel too bad, but other times the pain is so severe it can keep you from enjoying your life. So, how do you know if you need a root canal? Dr. David Carlson and Dr. Michael Schuiling in Wheaton, IL want you to know the common signs and symptoms of when you might need a root canal.

Tooth pain can sometimes be relieved with a simple filling. This type of tooth pain usually involves decay in the upper layers of a tooth. If decay or damage has reached the innermost area of your tooth, chances are you need a root canal. This innermost area is called the pulp, and it is where the blood supply and nerves to the tooth are located.

The pulp can become damaged from deep tooth decay, or from bruising and inflammation associated with trauma. Trauma can occur from an accident, injury, or even grinding your teeth at night. Injury to the pulp can produce several definite signs and symptoms which you can recognize. You may need a root canal if you experience:

  • Pain that continues even after a filling is placed
  • Throbbing, continuous pain and pressure
  • Acute, stabbing pain when you bite down
  • Throbbing or stabbing pain after consuming hot or cold foods or drinks

There are also visible changes that may indicate you need a root canal, including:

  • A tooth that appears darker than the teeth surrounding it
  • A red or white bump appearing on your gums near the tooth root
  • Blood or pus draining out of your gums near the tooth root

Only your dentist will know for sure if you need a root canal. That’s why it’s important to schedule a dental visit at the first sign of trouble. Your dentist can take x-rays and perform testing to determine whether your tooth needs a simple filling or a root canal.

Dr. Carlson and Dr. Schuiling can help with all your dental needs including root canals, so next time you have a dental problem, reach for the phone and call us in Wheaton, IL. Get started on protecting your smile by calling today!

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