Why is flossing important?

The American Dental Association recommends that you floss at the very least once per day for good dental health. Flossing at night before bed is best. So why exactly is flossing important? Why isn’t brushing enough? Take a moment to learn more about flossing and why it’s crucial for good oral health from Wheaton dentist Dr. David L. Carlson. 

Your Toothbrush Doesn’t Clear All Food Particles 
If you haven’t flossed in a while, do it right now. Floss thoroughly between the molars in the back of your mouth. You’ll most likely see a light yellowish film on the thread—this is the substance that eventually turns into plaque or tartar and wreaks havoc on your teeth and gums when you don’t remove it daily. It’s formed from old food and liquids mixed with bacteria.

Flossing Helps Prevent Gum Disease
Many dental patients who are diagnosed with gum disease, like periodontitis, developed this dental problem because they didn’t floss regularly. Plaque and bacteria (which would have been removed with daily flossing) gets beneath the gum line and causes the gums to separate from the tooth. If you floss your teeth and feel pain or see blood, this is an indication that you should make an appointment to see Wheaton dentist Dr. David L. Carlson as soon as possible for a thorough cleaning.

Flossing Techniques
Floss between each tooth then also behind and in front to get all of the particles and film that may be developing there. Also, when you’re flossing try to dedicate a portion of the thread to each quadrant of your mouth. For instance, use one part of the floss for the upper left, another for the upper right, another for the bottom left, and so on. This is because you don’t want to potentially spread bad bacteria from one part of your mouth to another. 

Start Fresh with Dr. Carlson
If you have neglected to floss for any period of time, start fresh by going to see Wheaton dentist Dr. David L. Carlson for a thorough cleaning. Once your teeth are clear from plaque, you can then start flossing regularly to prevent it from developing again. Call Dr. Carlson’s dental office at (630) 653-9002 or visit http://www.wheatondentistoffice.com to make an appointment request

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