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Professional Teeth Whitening vs. DIY

Many options exist today for whitening your smile. You can do-it-yourself (DIY) using over-the-counter products, such as whitening toothpaste and strips, but the best results are achieved with professional teeth whitening. With professional treatments, you can achieve faster results that last longer. We offer both in-office and take-home professional teeth whitening treatments at Carlson Dental in Wheaton, IL, where Dr. David Carlson and Dr. Michael Schuiling can help you decide which option is best for you.

Professional Whitening Methods

Professional whitening treatments can be performed in the dentist’s office or at home using a convenient take-home kit. We offer both types of teeth whitening at our office in Wheaton, IL.

  • In-Office Whitening — This treatment is performed in the dentist’s office and is the fastest way to achieve a significantly whiter smile. During treatment, precautions are taken to protect the lips and gums since they can be sensitive to the bleaching agent in the whitening gel. The gel is then carefully brushed onto each tooth and is left in place for about one hour. During that time the bleaching agent in the whitening gel penetrates the tooth enamel to brighten teeth and lift away stains and discolorations. After an hour, the gel is wiped off and the teeth can be up to eight shades whiter.
  • Take-Home Whitening — This is a convenient alternative to in-office whitening that still delivers professional results. You can whiten teeth according to your schedule and in the comfort of your home. Take-home kits contain a professional level whitening gel, as well as custom whitening trays that fit you perfectly. To whiten, simply add the gel to the trays and place a tray over each row of teeth for about an hour several times per week. Your smile will be several shades whiter within a few weeks.

Advantages of Professional Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatments have several advantages over the DIY products available over-the-counter. Some of the primary benefits of choosing professional whitening include:

  • Enjoy a whiter smile faster
  • Longer lasting results
  • A high-concentration bleaching agent is used
  • In-office precautions are taken to safely whiten teeth
  • Consistent results when applied by professionals

One of the reasons professional teeth whitening is superior is that the whitening gel used contains a high-concentration bleaching agent. Using a higher-concentration of a high-quality bleaching agent can whiten teeth significantly faster and ensure results last longer. The results of in-office whitening can last for up to five years, which is much longer than any DIY product.

Another reason professional whitening is a better choice is that consistent and reliable results are possible. DIY whitening products can deliver inconsistent results and might not always contain the same quality or concentration of bleaching agent. Additionally, some DIY products could potentially irritate sensitive areas of the mouth. Safeguards are put in place with professional teeth whitening to protect sensitive areas from the sometimes harsh bleaching agent in the whitening gel.

You can achieve a whiter smile faster that lasts longer with professional teeth whitening. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Carlson or Dr. Schuiling to discuss in-office and take-home teeth whitening by calling Carlson Dental in Wheaton, IL, at (630) 653-9002.

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