• Hot Day? Three Drinks to Leave Home When You’re Packing the Cooler
    Whew! It’s a hot one! And whenever the temperature soars, you need to stay hydrated, especially when you’re outside or exercising. But all cold drinks aren’t equal when it comes Read more
  • Aging and Dental Health
    As you grow older, your mind may be preoccupied with the health of your bones, heart, or brain. However, our team at Dr. David L. Carlson will tell you that Read more
  • Tips for Using Invisalign®
    More than one patient has come into our office and asked, “What can I do to help my teeth when wearing Invisalign?” While everyone’s teeth and dental needs are different, there Read more
  • Overall Health Can Be Influenced By Oral Hygiene
    Keeping on top of your oral health is key when it comes to making sure your whole body stays healthy. The bacteria that occur naturally in your mouth can produce Read more
  • Teeth Whitening For a Bright Summer
    Summer brings sunshine and warm weather, and many of our patients begin thinking about brightening their smiles this time of year. A whiter smile is one just one visit away Read more
  • Fun Facts for the Fourth
    The Fourth of July is a great time to get together with friends and family members for BBQ, games, fireworks, and other celebrations in honor of our country’s independence. While Read more
  • Caring for Your Smile after Invisalign® Treatment
    You have done a lot of work to get the perfect smile. You wore your Invisalign aligner trays and cared for your teeth, and now your treatment is done. You Read more
  • The Clear Benefits of Invisalign®
    Straighter teeth is something many people desire. A nice smile is one of the most attractive things about a person. However, wearing a mouth full of braces for two, three, Read more
  • What A Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You
    What comes to your mind when you think of cosmetic dentistry? For many, it could be the chance to fix dental issues and get a flawless smile. Your Wheaton, IL, Read more
  • How Crowns and Bridges Can Help Your Smile
    How dental crowns and bridges from your dentists in Wheaton, IL, can restore your teeth and rebuild your smile Your smile is durable, but it can also be damaged. Aging, trauma, Read more
  • What To Know About Dental Bonding
    If you are looking to improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry but don't have any major concerns, then dental bonding may be just the answer. Bonding can treat a number Read more
  • Professional Teeth Whitening vs. DIY
    Many options exist today for whitening your smile. You can do-it-yourself (DIY) using over-the-counter products, such as whitening toothpaste and strips, but the best results are achieved with professional teeth Read more
  • Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for Me?
    Find out what makes someone the perfect candidate for cosmetic dentistry.  Gapped teeth? Crooked smiles? Cracked teeth? Severe stains? There are so many issues that can affect the appearance of your Read more
  • How To Improve Your Smile With Veneers
    How to Improve Your Smile with Veneers  Everyone wants a picture-perfect smile, but unfortunately, few people are born with one. The good news is, that you can have your smile cosmetically Read more
  • Preventing Gum Disease
    Did you know that gum disease, though reversible in its earliest stages, can pose serious health risks if left untreated? Regular dental appointments with your dentists here at Carlson Dental Read more
  • Ways to Maintain Your Oral Health
    Regular visits to your dentists in Wheaton, IL, Drs. David Carlson and Michael Schuiling, help you keep your smile healthy. In between appointments, these six steps can help you protect Read more

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